Natural Clay Bricks With a Rustic, Old-World Charm

What is our signature Handmade Clay Brick?

Our philosophy about working with clay is: simple natural products plus timeless manufacturing techniques equal unrivaled products.
We mine the finest natural clays obtainable to create authentic Old World products, yet sophisticated enough for those with a flair for the extraordinary.

ArteZanos rustic bricks are result of using generally abandoned techniques that impart a unique character to each and every clay brick.
These techniques were discarded by virtually all brick manufacturers to accommodate the demands of mass production, sacrificing the clays natural texture and glazes.

Our signature Natural Coral Stone

ArteZanos custom fabricates the finest hand carved coral architectural appointments. We manufacture a wide variety of coral brick and flooring materials.

We make customized orders to meet your design needs.

We make customized orders to meet your design needs.

Interested in our Bricks?

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